15 March 2006

Luton Beds England

...So how many U.K. county abbreviations are also verbs? I can think of Bedforshire (see above), Wiltshire ("Swindon Wilts"), Huntingdonshire ("Ramsey Hunts"), Buckinghamshire ("Aylesbury Bucks") and I suppose Staffordshire (er, "Lichfield Staffs"). Including homophones allows for Hertfordshire ("Watford Herts"), Lincolnshire ("Boston Lincs") and, just possibly, Worcestershire ("Malvern Worcs") and Warwickshire ("Kirsty Kingsbury Warks").

Yorkshire only counts if you believe The Meaning of Liff ("Jasmine yorked politely, loathing him to the depths of her being"), which is obviously cheating.

It's only the shires that even have abbreviations, isn't it? Except that I think Glamorgan may be "Glam". Ironically.

I'm ashamed to say that there are entire counties in Scotland I've never even heard of. They made Kincardineshire up, surely?

I'm really tired.

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