11 June 2006

A Noun: "Cement"

Goodness. It's been an unexpectedly hectic week, both at work and in polishing those submitted stories I mentioned recently. With luck I should be able to write up my very pleasant, highly calorific trip to Manchester today or tomorrow, in between other stuff. In the meantime...

Big Finish have announced one of the anthologies in which said stories are appearing -- and this time they've very kindly made me one of the named authors on the blurb, meaning I don't have to keep quiet about it until the list of stories is released. The book in question is Collected Works edited by Nick Wallace, in the same series as A Life Worth Living.

This is the book to which I've contributed a handful of interludes, and a final story co-written with the very gifted Nick. If that doesn't sound sufficiently exciting for you, the other named authors are Mags Halliday, Simon Bucher-Jones, Kate Orman, Jon Blum (whose joint website with Kate seems to have vanished for some reason), Lance Parkin, Dale Smith, Mark Michalowski and Simon Forward. From what I've seen of everybody's contributions, it's going to be fantastic.

I'll be updating the website at some point, but possibly not till after the story list has been announced.

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