21 December 2006

As The Days Get Shorter, There's More And More To Do

Sorry about the distinct lack of communication on this blog in the last couple of weeks. You know (or perhaps, if you're remarkably lucky, you don't) how things can get during December.

Since last we spoke, dear readers, I've:
  • Written my December column for Surefish (not up at the site yet -- I'll flag it here when it is);
  • Spent five days on a pre-seasonal visit to my parents;
  • Additionally visited various friends and their charming offspring (no, no, that wasn't ironic, the offspring in question really was charming);
  • Contracted food poisoning (from a meal unlikely now ever to be determined) and spent several days and nights feeling like, not to put too fine a point on it, shit;
  • Done every single last bit (oh please dear God) of my Christmas shopping;
  • Revised my opinion of Torchwood slightly upward again in the light of the thoroughly competent Out of Time;
  • Gone to the very pleasant and tasteful Service of Nine Lessons and Carols at St Mary Redcliffe;
  • Written a celebratory midwinter story and distributed it to friends in lieu of Christmas cards;
  • Done two and a half days at work;
  • Had lunch with a random university friend I haven't seen for years, who I now seem to be working in the same building with;
  • Played host to a miserable bloody cold that's still showing no signs of departing after nearly a week together.
And currently we're only about halfway through this oh-so-very festive season.

I may have more to say on some or all of these at some point soon, but I wouldn't bank on it. Happy Midwinter to you all, though, and a thoroughly Merry Christmas if I don't manage to update further before then.

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