24 September 2008

The Cabinet of Sound

I'm disproportionately excited to read the announcement that Telos, my publishers for Peculiar Lives, have licensed Fantom Films to produce audiobooks of the Time Hunter novella series. These are full and unabridged readings of the books on CD and for online download, starting with Daniel O'Mahony's excellent The Cabinet of Light and Lance Parkin's splendid The Winning Side.

[Geek Note: The audio version of The Cabinet of Light has been sadly but necessarily stripped of its Doctor Who content, which was always a bit esoteric and tangential. Presumably to compensate for this, the actors they've got in to read these first two books used to play Davros and Leela respectively.]

It's too early to say how many of these audiobook versions will be produced (presumably it will depend partly on the success of these early titles), so no word as yet on whether, when and by whom Peculiar Lives is likely to be recorded. Watch this space for further developments.

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