24 November 2008


One day soon -- potentially as soon as 2036, unless the retirement age has been bumped up by then -- I'm going to get round to posting some actual content here, rather than continually pimping my own writing.

In the meantime, though... I have in my hand a physical copy of The Vampire Curse -- the three-decker novella collection about Professor Bernice Summerfield and a number of vampires, featuring the novellas "The Badblood Diaries" by Mags L. Halliday, "Possum Kingdom" by Kelly Hale and "Predating the Predators" by me.

It was posted to me at the weekend by the publishers, and I'm impressed by their speed of turnaround since I mentioned having first sight of the cover in, erm, my last entry here. Which admittedly was a few weeks ago now, but I mean, it's bound and everything.

I'm currently putting the finishing touches to my website extras -- a bunch of annotations to the text, as per my usual custom, together with an exclusive short story featuring characters from The Vampire Curse in the City of the Saved. (Well, I had to do it sooner or later.) I'll update here once those are up at the website -- I probably ought to hold off until people have had a chance to read the thing, at least.

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