27 October 2010

Chaka George Edward

Even I would never have had the chutzpah to append 100 words of my own fiction to that previous entry. So here's the second of eleven teasers / deleted scenes / unused drabbles from my short story "A Hundred Words from a Civil War", to be published in Obverse Books's forthcoming Faction Paradox: A Romance in Twelve Parts.
     The City’s Southwest fringes belong to the survivors of one brief skirmish between time-active powers back in the universe. Its tangential contact with European civilisation was short-lived but, for these people, defining.
     Once, the pilot smuggled Wessexite spies across the borders of the Northumbrian Workers’ Republic. Now she awaits an evacuation order. The erstwhile Tin Emirs of al-Kernow have employed Skræling berserkers from the Greenlander Realms to fight against His Majesty’s Third Assegais.
     Next to the pilot sits Chaka George Edward, formerly Emperor of Great Britain and Zululand. His parents, Cetawayo and Victoria, remember only their conventionally recorded lives.

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  1. You might enjoy H Rider Haggard's "Zulu Trilogy" which involves Allan Quatermain in the events of the Boer trek, and the Zulu war.
    I'm just reading the 3rd novel "Finished" the first two are "Marie" and "Child Of Storm".
    In many ways its an alt-world Zulu war, with the machinations behind the scenes of the witch doctor Zikali: The Opener Of Roads. SBJ


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