07 March 2012


If you've been keenly following the progress of Tales of the City, the City of the Saved anthology I'm editing, you may be pleased to know that the book is now available for pre-order as an individual title from the publishers, Obverse Books.

You can also subscribe to year 2 of the Obverse Quarterly at that link, of which Tales of the City is the second volume -- the others being a collection of Iris Wildthyme stories themed around David Bowie songs, the adventures of some time-travelling policemen and an anthology of unrelated detective stories. Individual titles are £9.99 while a year's sub comes in at £28... so, if only three of those sound worth buying to you, it's cheaper to get the subscription to all four books.

I'm going to be posting sporadic teasers for Tales of the City every month or so between now and when it's published. Since our rumoured eighth contributor sadly never materialised, the final lineup of stories is as follows:
Akroates by Philip Purser-Hallard
Happily Ever After Is a High-Risk Strategy by Blair Bidmead
The Socratic Problem by Elizabeth Evershed
Lost Ships and Lost Lands by Juliet Kemp
Highbury by Helen Angove
About a Girl by Dale Smith
Bruises by Dave Hoskin
Apocalypse Day by Philip Purser-Hallard
Leaving my own endpieces aside, each teaser will focus on one of these, taking them in the order they're presented in the book (which is also chronological order). The first one follows...

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