14 March 2007

Photo Tropism

I mentioned ages ago that my admirable and generous parents had given me a spanking new digital camera for a combined birthday and Christmas present. It's only now, having sped my computer up appreciably by changing my antivirus software, that it's been practical for me to install the software to run the thing, and to actually do stuff with the photos I took in December.

Behold, therefore, my Flickr account. It's not very full as yet, but I have lots of plans for things I want to take photos of in Bristol, next month when it's sunnier and I've less pressing calls on my time.

The bits of reality which I'm really interested in capturing visually are the places where urban spaces go non-linear -- the gaps between the infrastructure, the weird architectural interfaces between radically different styles of construction, sites of sweeping vertical or historical disparity.

Blimey, hark at me. This is why I want to take photos, though, as the sensation these places give me isn't something that's easy to put into words (although Of the City of the Saved... made a stab at it). The shockingly inept photos I took of Manchester using B.'s camera last June should give you some idea of what I'm aiming at conceptually [1].

Horsham in December isn't really the best place in England to observe this kind of stuff, but I rather like this one, taken on my Dad's birthday:

Horsham 1

I've monochromed it because I tend to think buildings look better that way, unless the colours themselves are the interesting aspect.

I've already identified three cardinal rules:

1. Busier is not better.
2. Wait for the people to get the hell out of the way.
3. And the cars.

Given that I'm a blogger, another vital motivation is of course to take photos of my cats and inflict them on the world. Aaah.

1. Edit to add: They also look so much better now, after I've run them through the software that came with the new camera. These ones look better in colour than in monochrome, if only because the light is so bleached. The third one in particular I'd be rather pleased with if only I could get rid of my bloody finger.

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