30 March 2007

The Shape of Kingdoms to Come

My latest column's up at Surefish now. It's a bit more abstract and faffy this time, probably due to my having to squeeze it out in a gap between writing "Nursery Politics". I'm pleased with the title, though.

I'm not getting much feedback on these columns via Surefish, so I'm always interested to know what people here think of them. How many of you are actually reading them, for a start? Is the fact that they're about religion / written from a broadly christian perspective / hosted by Christian Aid putting people off, or is it generally true that if you're interested enough to read my witterings here then you'll have a look at them somewhere else as well?

(The previous columns are linked to from the current one, if anyone feels like catching up. I have to say I like the different artwork they've been using for the mastheads.)

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