19 April 2007


I'm still knackered from finishing the novella, and from my frenetic and unrestful week. This has included taking a six-year-old and a three-year-old to a chocolate factory (with the able assistance of their parents, admittedly), attending the theatre in aid of my mother-in-law's birthday celebrations and writing another column for Surefish. [ETA: I should clarify that the first two of these were pleasant as well as tiring.]

How are you?

On Tuesday I finally got round to updating my website to reflect the existence of Nobody's Children (and also of the forthcoming reprint of "Sex Secrets of the Robot Replicants"). I've even put in an extra bit in my F.A.Q. about them. I wonder if anyone ever reads that now Wikipedia exists.

I had been hoping to stick the whole of my rejected proposal for The Curse of Odin-Hotep, as promised, but I'm too knackered. Maybe later. In the longer term, the whole website's in urgent need of a design overhaul, but I lose the will to live whenever I even try to think about that.

Oh look, there I go again.

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