28 January 2009

When I Survey...

I know that at least some of you have enjoyed the theoretically regular monthly columns on science fiction and faith which I've been writing for Christian Aid's webzine, Surefish, over the past couple of years.

At present new material from Surefish, including my column and those of various pals of mine, is on hold while Christian Aid considers the future of Surefish's authored content... the (perfectly reasonable) question being the extent to which commissioning said content serves the charity's ends, at a time when public giving to charities in general is inevitably in retreat.

As part of this review there's a reader survey currently in progress, inviting the opinions of regular readers on the material they read at the website. Without in any way wishing to skew the results of the survey, I would urge those of you who have been reading the site (even if it's just my column) just to pop across and register the fact. There may even be Divine chocolate in it for you.

Of course it would be unconscionable of me not to point out that this exercise, whatever its personal implications, is inestimably less important than Christian Aid's non-partisan, humanitarian Gaza Crisis Appeal, to which I naturally encourage you to give whatever money you might feel able to spare.

I don't believe in pressuring or guilt-tripping my readers, though, so follow the dictates of your conscience on that one. Just remember that a fairy dies every time you don't fill in that survey.

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