29 May 2009

1. Rant, 2. Rave.

1. AMERICAN FANTASY AUTHORS AND SCRIPTWRITERS! A "lady" is a female member of the nobility. "Ladyship" is the quality possessed by such a person. A male minion addressing a female member of the nobility will either call her "my lady" (because she is) or "your ladyship" (out of respect for the quality). A minion who speaks of "my ladyship", in any context, is referring erroneously to a non-existent quality of ladyship which he believes himself to possess, and makes the person who wrote his dialogue look like an utter cretin. It's a solecism on a level with referring to your head of state as "Mr Barack President". Stop it now.

2. Private Eye really should publish their regular "From the Message Boards" spoof on their website, to give it a proper online context. It's brilliantly cumulative -- when you first read it it's only mildly amusing, but its gets funnier and funnier as you learn the "regulars"' posting styles and realise who you know from the web whom they precisely resemble. I'm particularly fond of clueless Hayley_321 ("insted of electian may-be let people jus choos the ppl they want in wesmister?"), and serial sloganeer Sword_of_Truth ("Time to end the disastrous democratic experiment").

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