29 January 2010

OK, So This Is Important...

...too important to bury at the bottom of that last post, in fact.

I've been told that Haloscan, the comment-hosting service I've been using for this blog since long before Blogspot (as it then was) got its own act in gear, is closing down. I have the choice of either upgrading to a paid service -- which hardly seems worth it now Blogger are hosting a moderately effective comments service of their own -- or letting all the extant comments disappear. Which I've now done.

I've exported the 1500 or so comments made so far to a file, and Haloscan tell me (rather optimistically, in my view) that Blogger may get round to creating an import tool in the future. In the meantime, I'm sorry to say that any comment you may have made here in the past has disappeared, and -- while I very much hope this isn't the case -- it's possible that they may never reappear.

In the meantime, I can only encourage you to carry on commenting using the Blogger tool. Thank you...


  1. If anyone has detailed advice about importing those Haloscan backups to blogger, incidentally, I'll be very pleased to hear it.

  2. Some folks have moved from Haloscan to Echo from js-kit.com. No idea whether it's easy or even possible to migrate old comments though.

    John H


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