20 April 2005

Ego Ogling

Being an obsessive self-googler, I've been entertained over the past year by the way in which hits for my novel have slowly outstripped those for earnestly evangelical sites about the life to come when searching for the phrase "city of the saved". I was also amused recently to see that Google has started returning one hit for a combined search on "sex secrets" and "robot replicants" which doesn't relate to my short story. Unfortunately, searching for "minions of the moon" only demonstrates how very unimaginative it is to use a Shakespeare quote for a title.

Searching for "peculiar lives", though, comes up with some wonderful stuff, a fact which for some reason I never discovered when it was the title of this blog. Excluding references to the blog and the novella, here are some of the items which get dredged up:
...etc. All of which may be very entertaining (except in that some of it isn't, obviously), but it's going to make it bloody difficult to ego-surf once the novella's published.

On another note, but also courtesy of Google -- who's been buying and selling shares in this blog? I didn't even know you could do that.

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