04 April 2005

Mine, All Mine

There is, I've realised, a straightforward solution to the problem of preventing this relatively serious and highbrow author's blog from becoming flooded with my trivial fanboy ravings about the sheer fantasticness of Doctor Who.

I give you Parrinium Mines. The idea is that it acts firstly as a buffer zone between my fannishness and my authorial, erm, authority, and secondly as a repository of my collected Doctor Who criticism. Certainly all my future reviews will be copied there, and I may try to assemble some of the older stuff over time as well (although there's been a great deal of it and it is scattered to the nine vectors somewhat).

In an effort to preserve my intellectual fa├žade, I won't be mentioning here every time I post something new to the Mines... and if you frequent the same Doctor Who sites as me, you're very likely to read it all elsewhere anyway. Still, it's there if you ever need it, and that's the main thing.

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