19 April 2005

The Kids of Porlock

Heavens. Has it really been a week? How lax of me.

I had a particularly frustrating weekend -- having sorted out a timetable of what I was supposed to be writing when, which is usually what it takes to impose some self-discipline on me, I was fully prepared to sit down and actually do some work instead of faffing about.

Unfortunately, small children foiled me. On Saturday two old friends who I rarely see were in the area so dropped in for tea, bringing with whem a lovely piece of stone-carving (which they left as a present) and an equally lovely five-month-old baby (who they fortunately took away with them). On Sunday it was necessary to attend our beloved goddaughter's charming fourth birthday party, which was full of joyful three-to-five-year-olds bounding about merrily with shouts of laughter, and was every bit as gruelling as that suggests.

On Monday I woke up and realised that I'd completely forgotten to proofread the PDF of Peculiar Lives for Telos, which I then did in a mad panic. A surprising number of somewhat crucial points came up at this stage, but fortunately all of them are rectifiable, so that's OK.

Factor in various necessary household tasks such as making sure the house was fit to be seen by visitors and the like, and I've had more or less an afternoon to fulfil my three-day weekend's supposed target of finishing the plot synopsis for Fragile Monsters. So that's not been done.

Never mind. The schedule allows me the rest of the week, so I just need to write a couple of evenings, or to try and do so surreptitiously here at work while my boss isn't looking. And when I'm not doing anything else of overriding importance, like updating my blog.

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