09 February 2005

Missing Cat

As some of you will have read on B.'s LiveJournal, we have a missing cat crisis. Mulder was last seen early on Monday evening, which doesn't sound like a long time ago but he's a very home-loving cat who's never stayed out all night during the six years we've known him. We're both very worried -- frankly, I'm finding it difficult to concentrate on work at present, let alone write any of the stuff I've been meaning to add to this blog.

The chances are that he's OK, but shut into a neighbour's shed, or else hurt in a particularly bad fight and recovering before he comes home. There's no reason yet to assume that anything terrible has happened (although of course it might have). And we've done everything we can, by way of flyering our neighbours, adding him to the RSPCA missing cats database and so on. Still, it's bloody upsetting.

So if I seem quiet at the moment, that's why.

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