27 March 2005

He Is Risen

Well, wasn't Rose magnificent?

I'm using my in-laws' dialup connection at present, so I can't go into much detail beyond "Wow". But, well, my fears that it would be not to my taste, or aimed overly at the kiddie market were unfounded entirely.

Christopher Eccleston was marvellous. Billie Piper didn't suck. Russell T. Davies' script, with its use of modern T.V. styling and technique, was quite, quite miraculous.

Tonight B. and I'll be heading home, to where I hope to God my V.C.R. has recorded it properly (the one here didn't). Tomorrow's going to be a busy day working on the S.F.-crit proposal, but I'll try and post some more coherent thoughts about the episode at some point in the next few days.

But yes, Rose is fab, and there's every reason to hope the rest of the season will be every bit as good.

He is risen indeed. Happy Easter, everybody.

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