17 August 2005

Ad Nauseam

Every time I see or hear a mention[1] of the revolting British supermarket chain Asda (now a subsidiary of the much larger revolting U.S. supermarket chain Wal-Mart), their advertising jingle starts playing in my head. You know, the one they used to use in those incredibly cheesy T.V. adverts which would end with someone patting their back pocket in time with the jingle, to show how much spare change they had left after doing their shopping there. The one which they used to play over and over and over and over and over again on their stores' P.A. systems, before some international agreement or other on the use of psychological torture was invoked to stop them.

Is this an example of effective marketing?

Bear in mind when formulating your answer that as a direct result of the above I loathe Asda with a violent, psychotic passion, and that if a branch of it were the last grocery shop left on Earth, I would not only prefer to starve to death than to do my shopping there, but wouldn't intervene to prevent it burning down if it contained the final bar of chocolate in existence.

[1] Don't bother following that link, it's not very interesting. Just the springboard for a rant.

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