05 August 2005

Greenbelt Update

This year's Greenbelt is beginning to look rather busy. Early evidence suggests that in addition to my talk on The Spirituality of Doctor Who -- which, incidentally, I should be writing at this very moment -- I'll be participating in (but fortunately not chairing) a panel discussion on blogging. (Both of these sessions are at the Between the Lines venue -- see here for their full programme.) If you're at the festival and coming along to either session, do come and say "Hi" to me afterwards.

Greenbelt appears intent on elevating me as some kind of Christian Blog Guru, as I'll also be blogging from the site on behalf of surefish.co.uk, the web-magazine run by Christian Aid's internet-provider subsidiary. The relevant entries -- summaries of my day-by-day experiences at the festival on Saturday, Sunday and Monday -- will be going up at the surefish site, but I'll naturally be linking to them from here. Since this effectively means that I get paid for doing something I'd be hoping to get round to doing anyway, it gets a big thumbs-up from me.

It does mean, though, that Greenbelt 2005 is going to be substantially less restful than usual for me. I think I may take next year off, and spend my Bank Holiday weekend relaxing instead.

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