21 August 2005

Blog Cabin

B. and I spent most of yesterday building one of these:

...and then eating one of these as a reward. (We chose the "Sun". Mm, halloumi.)

The Greenbelt talk is coming together reasonably nicely, now. Unfortunately there's a lack of people to practise it at -- my usual test audience, R. and M., are waiting for me to lend them the videos of 2005 Doctor Who before they'll actually know what I'm talking about.

This means that a week tomorrow will be the first time I've stood up to deliver it to anybody other than B. and the cats, which is mildly terrifying. Still, never mind.

I also need to do some proper research for Sunday's panel discussion on Blogging, which is kind of intimidating as well. Does anyone have recommendations for the following, all of which I need to read some of at some point:

1. Some interesting and/or high-profile Christian and/or literary blogs?
2. Sites which go rather more into the cultural (and preferably not too much of the technical) theory of blogging -- in terms of history, current trends, ethics, politics and the like?

Any suggestions gratefully received.

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