27 July 2005


I'm having a frustratingly unproductive week, despite the number of things I've been hoping to get done. I always seem to need a stupidly long run-up to get working properly during the college holidays, which is infuriating as I know I'll be longing for this much available time once term has started again.

So far I seem to have mostly spent the time posting to Doctor Who mailing lists, although a portion of that is arguably productive towards my Greenbelt talk. (I may update Parrinium Mines shortly with some insights from my recent all-day Christopher Eccleton marathon. [Edit: Now done.]) The only concrete thing I've achieved is to finish the synopsis for Ossian's Reach, which could be a stormingly good S.F. novel if I ever manage to get off my bottom and sell it to somebody.

I have, however, managed to replace my scooter -- and what's more, the bike in question is still outside the house six days later (I keep checking). The replacement's another Sym CityTrek, that being the scooter I'm used to driving. I have no interest in getting used to something else at this point -- I suppose sooner or later they'll stop making them and I'll have to learn to work a new model, but I'm not looking forward to it.

(It's actually very reliable, with well-designed controls. I had to drive a Piaggio Zip for a couple of months once, and the controls were terrible -- it was difficult to indicate and apply the rear brake simulataneously, for instance, which was predictably hilarious when trying to turn a corner.)

I ought to attempt a books / media update at some point soon, too -- I'm still very much enjoying Warring States and Wildthyme on Top, and B. and I recently rounded off our watching of Twin Peaks with a viewing of Fire Walk With Me (so that all makes sense to us now, obviously). I've also re-watched the disturbing but rather fine millennial dystopia Strange Days, and the amazing I ♥ Huckabees, both of which deserve comment.

I also want to bore you all about my diet. So, treats in store there.

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