12 July 2005


...I'm so bloody tired today. Very little likelihood of managing to get any work done, let alone writing an interesting or entertaining blog entry.

In response to the Government's plans to introducte a law prohibiting incitement to religious hatred, which many feel will end up banning religious-themed jokes (among other things) from the media, the christian website Ship of Fools is holding a competition to find the funniest and the most offensive such jokes. Many of these are well worth taking a look at. Here's my retelling of an old favourite which someone else has already entered:
A group of people brought a woman to Jesus who they said had been caught in the act of adultery. "Shall we stone her, master, as the law commands us?" they asked.

Jesus thought about this for a moment. "Whoever is without sin among you," he said, "let them cast the first stone."

At this, the crowd went very quiet, and began to shuffle away. Then suddenly, a hefty rock came sailing out of the crowd and crashed into the unfortunate woman's head.

Jesus sighed, and said, "You know, Mother, sometimes you really piss me off."
So far, most people have rated that one 4/5 for humour and 1/5 for offensiveness, which gives you some idea.

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