08 July 2005

Authorial, Intense

On a happier note... the Secret Mystery Project seems to be picking up momentum, although it's still in its early stages yet. My potential co-author tells me he's been having meetings.

It's going to be a while before I can say anything specific about the S.M.P. here (except that it's a co-authored project, but I just let that slip anyway). If it goes ahead, then it's potentially very exciting; if it doesn't, then it's additional writing experience if nothing else. My purported co-author is a person of enormous creative energy, which if I'm lucky means that I can get him to do most of the work, but is more likely to mean I'll have to work like a mad panicking beaver in order to keep up.

Whichever, the next couple of weeks are going to be hectic, rather than being (as from a week today) the leisurely end-of-term break which would have been really rather welcome. Updates to this blog may become somewhat sketchy during that time.

I also need to write my Greenbelt talk, of course. Plus I've promised a new proposal to one of my previous publishers. And I really to get this portfolio-for-agents sorted out.

It's beginning to feel as if the five weeks of the summer vacation are about the only time of the year in which I can "be a writer" properly. For that brief period it feels as if I'm writing as a full-time job, like it's supposed to be. Then I come back to College and have to start being patronising to students again. Hey ho.

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