20 July 2005

It Came From Planet X-Mas

Well, I guess this counts as an official announcement. The Editor informs me that the story's also carried in this month's Doctor Who Magazine. So...

My short story, "The Long Midwinter", will be published along with 24 others in Short Trips: The History of Christmas, this December's Doctor Who anthology from Big Finish. The volume is edited by Simon Guerrier (the owner of the blog linked to above, who published me previously in A Life Worth Living), and has some marvellous authors writing for it, including Kate Orman, Jon Blum, Marc Platt and Simon Bucher-Jones.

My story has, as the overall title suggests, a Christmas theme, despite being set on another world millions of years in the future. It's the nearest I've yet come to hard S.F. (although to be honest it's not very near), and like "Minions of the Moon" it's a bit of a worldbuilding spree [Weltbauenfest]. It's also a modest milestone for me -- as a fan if not a writer -- as it's my first piece of licensed Doctor Who fiction.

Available details at present are [Edit: entirely forthcoming, actually, so I'll set up a web page of my own here. I'll try to come up with a story blurb at some point soon.]

Go on, though, order a copy. It'll make a splendid Christmas present.

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