14 July 2005

If You Can't Stand the Noise, Get Out of the Library

Last day of term today. There are builders inside the library, drilling things.

Yesterday we had a student charity concert going on directly outside our windows -- which, of course, we couldn't have closed unless we wanted to go down with heat stroke. Fortunately most of the students were at the concert, rather than trying to use the library. I heard it all from the enquiry desk: most of the student bands were delivering generic and rather awful rap, but one -- a girl with an amazing voice -- did a torch-song rendition of Oasis' "Wonderwall", which was very sensual and quite fantastic.

The heat seems to be bringing out the worst in the two high-traffic mailing lists I belong to -- one has been taken up with a rather nastily acrimonious discussion about the merits of pacifism as compared with those of killing Arabs, while the other has been giving undue attention to an attention-seeker, and his cretinous claim that he could "knock up" a publishable novel proposal over a weekend, despite his utter lack of experience of doing any such thing.

(The heat would appear to have put me in a bad mood as well, now I come to think about it.)

Tomorrow I will be spending mostly lounging around, unless any of my seemingly myriad editors or co-authors ask me not to. I know I have work to do, but I'm entitled to one day off, damn it.

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