27 July 2006

Intense Neurological Paint

Substantial chunks of this week have been entailed in painting the bedroom, which prior to Monday looked a lot like this...
a particularly revolting shade of green

...and now, mercifully, looks rather more like this.
a much more bearable beigy sort of colour

I'm a territorial animal, and like the cats I get unhappy at signficant disruptions to my habitat. Having all the bedroom furniture, and in particular the books, stacked up against walls and in crates elsewhere across the house has been distressing for all of us, but now everything is back where it goes, and there's a marvellously restful lack of eye-wrenching disgust involved in looking at the bedroom walls. I thoroughly approve of it.

Unlike B. I'm not someone who sets great store by interior decorating, but it's surprising (or perhaps under the circumstances it's actually not) how much more like part of my home the bedroom now feels. Obviously being reminded of a hideously misjudged decorating decision which I would never under any circumstances have made, every time I opened my eyes in there, has had a subliminal alienating effect whose strength I never realised.

Now all we need to do is stop the bathroom looking like this...
a vile puce

...and I'll be happy.

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