28 May 2007

You Can't Leave That Lyin' There

B. and I visited Bristol Zoo on Saturday, for the first time in a while. Apart from anything else I'd been neglecting my parental duties towards the two-toed sloth whom goddaughter E. adopted for me back on my birthday. We also knew that one of the Zoo's female gorillas had a baby back in December, and thought that May would be a good time to see it.

I have lots of photos of various animals, but they're taking an age to upload, and I really want to spend some of today doing other things. The baby gorilla photos will have to wait till later, as will the baby prairie dogs, moorhen chicks and various less cute adult animals. (None of the sloth, though.)

For now you'll have to content yourself with photos of the shy sand cat,
Sand Cat
the elusive red panda,
Red Panda
the stately lioness,
Lions 4
and the noble capybara.
Capybara 2

Full set here, with more to follow later.

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