01 August 2011

Caffeine Withdrawal, Day Three

Right. Well, yes. Very little to report, really. 77 hours now without a caffeinated beverage, or caffeine from any source. Still no headaches, although I'm getting aggravating muscle twinges in a variety of places, which isn't normal.

At present this feels less like withdrawal than a ludicrously protracted period of getting up in the morning and not having had coffee yet. I'm tired and irritable and can't get my brain to work properly, but that's about it. This was awkward at work, but to be honest I've been in that state for weeks now when at work -- whether because of the caffeine, because the building's so very hot in summer or because of some undiagnosed source of mental collapse I have yet to discover, I couldn't say.

Latest theory to explain the relative lack of withdrawal symptoms: I'm in fact having blackouts, during the course of which I guzzle ProPlus pills. No, I'm not convinced by that one either.


  1. Perhaps, years later, you agree to trade your withdrawal symptoms to all appear to your much earlier self (which is why past quitting attempts were harder than they should have been) in exchange for some comfort then given to your future self?

  2. Anonymous7:41 am

    Twinges notwithstanding, sounds encouraging really. I confess I'm fascinated to read this, partly because I don't drink coffee at all (well, only Very Rarely), and the whole I-need-caffeine thing has passed me by. If I drink more than two cups of tea in a day, I feel like I've somehow 'overdone it'. Then again, I'm tired and irritable most of the time, punctuated by occasional bouts of overenthusiastic mania. Anyway, very best of luck with this - sounds like it's got to be worth pursuing.

  3. Does sound promising! I gradually gave up caffeine during my pregnancy but it was difficult to distinguish withdrawal symptoms from pregnancy symptoms, which may have made it easier to cope with as my body was doing so many mad things anyway. I also discovered that decaf tea tastes surprising like normal tea and at least means I can still have the ritual of a cup of tea in the morning.


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