03 December 2011

Desultory update

I've spent most of today writing this year's Christmas card story (see here for past examples -- I'll be posting last year's closer to Christmas itself). I keep ending up writing these at the last minute, which is annoying -- I keep noticing all the stuff that's wrong with them when I go back to look at them later.

Anyway, this one is the longest of these stories I've written to date, at a little over 2,000 words. It features a character from The Vampire Curse, and unless you're on my Christmas card list you won't get to see it till next year. Sorry about that.

In other news... I'm told that the audiobook version of my novella Peculiar Lives, read by John Leeson, is finally now available from Fantom Films. Various unforeseen delays have made it a long wait, but I'm very much looking forward to seeing what the voice of K-9 makes of the voice of Erik Clevedon.

And if you're not following @trapphic on Twitter, you may want to peruse the fresh microfiction I've uploaded to my website, along with that drabble from the other day. I think the latest one is actually my favourite:
A year in Faerie lasts a century on Earth – or in a hollowed asteroid in sublight flight. Fairy rings are cheaper than cryogenic suspension.

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