16 February 2013

Telling More Tales

It's currently in the limbo state between being mentioned publicly and being formally announced, but I have a second anthology out later this year. It's called More Tales of the City and is, unsurprisingly, a follow-up to Tales of the City, set in the City of the Saved. I sent out editorial comments on all six stories earlier this evening, and I'm hugely impressed by their quality: I believe readers who enjoyed Tales of the City won't be disappointed.

I'm not going to reveal the author and story lineup just yet, except to say that four of these authors haven't written anything set in the City of the Saved before, while the other two have written exactly 100 words set there.

Meanwhile, here's the draft blurb:

‘Once upon a time, the universe ended. And they all lived happily ever after.’

In a pub on a hill by a bay in the technological utopia beyond the end of the universe, customers gather to tell the stories of their afterlives.

An older woman steals intangibly from her boyfriends, while a naive student learns more about her world. A historian and a detective made in a king’s image seek answers to long-standing mysteries. A man-about-town makes a living finding people’s doppelgangers. Another may be not a storyteller, but a story.

These are their tales.


  1. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Are there any more sadomasochistic stories? I liked most of the stories in the first book, but Bruises literally made me want to throw up!


  2. Thinks carefully... No, I reckon you should be all right there.

    Interesting response, though -- generally, of the stories in Tales of the City, I think it was "About a Girl" which made people the most uncomfortable.



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