30 April 2004


There's relatively little news on the writing front at the moment: I've finished the short story (title now cropped to "Sex Secrets of the Robot Replicants" -- still ironic but rather less overblown, I feel), sent it off and got paid for it, all in the last couple of days. I'm faintly stunned by this -- the fact that I have a life where this sort of thing can happen still bewilders me somewhat.

Of the City of the Saved... is still due out sometime very soon -- the latest I've heard is still "early May", so we'll have to see. I have some goodies ready to put up on the website once it's out, although I may not have time to complete the "Commentary" segment I was hoping to manage.

Finally, I now own the thoroughly impressive "Timebeast Assault" artwork from The Book of the War, by comics artist Jim Calafiore. If you've seen the piece in question, you'll know it's great. If not, I believe it's being reprinted as the frontispiece to Of the City of the Saved..., so there's another incentive for you to buy the thing.

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