12 April 2005

Textual Frustration

Well, that was an unproductive week. Eight days spent farting about, and to show for it perhaps a page of writing and half a dozen pages of notes.

...it's not quite as bad as that. Each of the four ideas I'm trying to assemble into viable proposals draws heavily on stuff I've worked on before (mostly proposals which were rejected for good reason, but still contained some decent salvageable ideas), so I'm not completely at sea. I even have working titles: Fragile Monsters, Unearthing the Princess, Ossian's Reach, Alvin's Brood. (They may not be overly good titles, but at least they're not Servants of the Wankh.)

I dare say that, during some of the time I've spent staring into space this week, these ideas have in fact been developing and fermenting in my mind like hops in a big yeasty vat. It may indeed be that they're even now reaching maturity, ready to froth forth in a splendid heady gush. (It crossed my mind just then to compare the hoped-for finished products with specific styles of beer, but I think I'll put that idea aside for now and back away slowly.) But I have no direct evidence of that.

It certainly looks like getting this stuff together is going to take me a good few weeks (during which time I shall have to hope fervently that I don't get commissioned for anything else, or I'll never have the time). But that's OK. I've even written a schedule laying out exactly what I'm going to do when, just in case I was thinking of slacking.

And now the college holidays are over, and I'm back at work.

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