23 September 2005

More Thought, More Play

I know I'm developing a slightly farcical habit of plugging every new venture by Thoughtplay, but What Should I Read Next? is a very clever and elegant idea. It's essentially a huge database of books which have been enjoyed by people, on the basis of which it recommends titles to other people. If you tell it you've liked something from (say) the list of books I've entered, it assumes you're more likely to enjoy the other things on my list... which, since mine is somewhat eclectic, may be a little rash, but fortunately it has everybody else's lists to work from as well.

The more books you tell it you like, the more astute its recommendations will, in theory, become. They should also get more accurate as more people use it, so do go and enter some titles and see what it comes up with.

It seems rather keen that I should read Timothy Mo.

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