09 January 2006

Ooh, Political.

Two brief thoughts regarding Lib Dem leader-designate Menzies Campbell:

1. Nobody's going to vote for a party led by someone whose given name is Ming and who Steve Bell draws like this.
2. If he's elected, it's going to be terribly reminiscent of right-wing elder statesman Michael Howard's return from the very-nearly-dead to lead the Conservative party. Which, assuming the analogy holds, makes it seem all the more likely that Cameron-analogue Simon Hughes will be taking over at some point after the next election.

I like Simon Hughes, who a friend of mine worked for for some years. I also like Nick Harvey, also recently touted as a potential leadership candidate, who gave me my first cigar at that same friend's wedding. (OK, so I didn't smoke a cigar until I was 29 and married. You can't do everything when you're young.)

It's good to see, though, that hair isn't a requirement for leading the Lib Dems, any more than it is for the Tories. How many balding Labour front-benchers can you name now Robin Cook and Mo Mowlam are dead, hmm?

[Insert "hair apparent" joke here... and cut.]

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