03 March 2004


I've come to the conclusion that I'm never going to have the time to update this weblog more than once a week, on average. So, this is now officially a weekly weblog. Enjoy.

I've been told Of the City of the Saved... has been laid out -- a complicated process, certainly, as I admit I've been rather more experimental with the format than one would strictly expect of an inexperienced first-time novelist. Or maybe a first-time novelist is precisely who you'd expect that from, and more experienced writers would know better. I wouldn't know, obviously.

Anyway, much kudos to Mad Norwegian for being so accommodating, although (as you'd probably expect) I'll be going through the finished product with a fine toothpick in search of errors. With luck I'll get the opportunity to do that before it's published, even. The main point, though, is that everything's on course so far. Publication in April is looking perfectly splendid.

I'm sorry that the promised blow-by-blow account of my "next writing project", rashly offered back in January, hasn't materialised. This is partly because I was being premature: although there is a specific project I had in mind (honestly), it's currently far from finalised. Oops. I was obviously letting my post-completion confidence get the better of me there.

When anything is at all definite, details will be provided here, I promise. At the moment, though, I can't swear as to when that's liable to be.

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