10 March 2004

Last Weekend...

...was rather fine, with prospective Beer Festival guests straggling to our flat from the Friday evening and leaving in some cases on Sunday afternoon. We had ten people staying over on Saturday night, which was lovely obviously, but which I think the cats found rather traumatic.

Our pub visit on Friday night was very nice, and got us into the correct mood for the next day. After the (afternoon) Beer Festival session ended on Saturday, we divided into two parties. Bea took one to a chocolate cafe in Clifton, which must have been very nice for them. My decision to take the rest on a tour of all the really good beer and cider pubs in Bristol was... perhaps unwise. Everyone had been drinking since 11:30, everyone was tired, and the whole thing petered out rather pathetically by eight o'clock.

Sunday being Bea's birthday, though, we went out for a very splendid meal at a very splendid restaurant, where I had the warm asparagus salad and the goat's cheese pizza. I also had the most marvellous sticky toffee pudding I have had in my entire life, very fudgy with chocolate and butterscotch sauces. I have since started dieting again.

As for the Beer Festival itself...

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