18 September 2004


I've added a few updates to the website today, amounting mostly to an expanded FAQ and some photos of the cats. Awww.

I haven't added to the FAQ the Question I actually get Asked most Frequently, which is "How well's your novel selling?", since I keep forgetting to ask that same question of the publisher. Basically, though, Of the City of the Saved... has a certain expected readership: it's bound to sell pretty well within a certain narrow demographic, and hardly at all outside. Still, some figures on that would be nice.

(NB: The mirror site at Thoughtplay is likely to be a while updating -- and indeed is visibly behind by two updates already -- as the webmaster's in the midst of a messy house move. If you do happen to be doing any linking to the site, use www.infinitarian.com.)

One further thing I want to do with the website, apart from putting up the Greenbelt talks and giving the Links page a proper revamp, is to find a banner image to go on the Online Short Stories pages. All the other sections now have their own images (the various book covers, the bitmap Daleks, me as a pirate, me not as a pirate, the title page of my thesis, the Greenbelt, Doctor Who and Faction Paradox logos), but I can't find anything suitable for the shorts. I did try a photo of my monitor with some word-processed text on it, but it looked crap.

Does anyone have any suggestions? (The idea that I should use a pair of shorts will be frowned upon.)

[Edit to add: As an experiment, I've just added a guestbook to the front page, using the same Haloscan technology as for this blog's comments facility. I'll decide whether to keep it or not once I've seen whether I get any comments at all, and whether they're interesting, offensive or whatever.]

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