23 September 2004

Without a Hitch

This blog is liable to go a bit quiet for the next few weeks, as our removal to the new house approaches. Next week, in particular, looks set to be a bitch. I had hoped to write something about the books I've been reading recently, but it's going to have to wait.

A mini-observation meanwhile. The radio reception in our current house is frustratingly rubbish, and my quaintly nineteenth-century lack of a broadband connection means it's not feasible to tune in via the internet, either. I rarely listen to the radio, but once in an epoch I feel its absence, and the broadcasting of Fit 3 of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is just such an occasion. So much so that when I discovered at work today that the original Hitchhiker's computer game was up at the BBC website, I fell on it with great glee and will, if I don't ease off a bit, end up in serious danger of being sacked.

I never had this in the 80s (I didn't have a decent enough computer), and am currently stuck trying to stop the Vogons' cleaning robot flying off with my Babel fish.

Share and enjoy.

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