14 September 2004

Personal Life Update

1. I'm still working on my second professionally-published short story (unless you count the material in The Book of the War), "Minions of the Moon". I've had to write out the manticore and replace it with a hydra, which is a shame, but otherwise it's shaping up nicely. When it's done, I need to dive straight back into the novella...

2. ...except that the house move still hasn't happened, and keeps occupying my time in annoying ways. I had to spend a recent weekend screwing floorboards down in the loft, for instance, which is a bloody unpleasant job, let me tell you. I was dripping with sweat and smothered with filth when I emerged, and I'd only got about ten floorboards down in four hours. And I have to do more of the same this week.

3. On the plus side, I've managed -- most unusually -- two very nice daytime meals with rarely-seen friends at weekends recently. (B. wasn't able to join me for either, which is a shame -- but she gets to go on subsidised meals out at work, which never happens at St Brad's.) One was at the exquisite Demuth's in Bath, which does phenomenal vegetarian food; the other at Bristol's friendly and bohemian Boston Tea Party. One of the friends in question has just returned from five years working in the U.S., to take up a lectureship a mere few hundred miles away in Sheffield -- it will be lovely to see her more often.

4. Work goes "blehh".

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