01 June 2005


I gather from the Telos Publishing weblog that some early paperback copies of my novella Peculiar Lives now exist, along with copies of Simon Morden's Another War (which if it's anything like the other work of Simon's I've read ought to be a real treat). If you're a subscriber to the Time Hunter line or have pre-ordered Peculiar Lives specifically, you ought to be getting your copies through the post shortly (as, I hope, will I).

It's going to be wonderful to see the final product after all the work everybody's put into this. I'm hugely excited.

In other news, the holiday turned out to be at Portmeirion, which was lovely. B. and I had a great time, about which I will try to write at rather more length at some point shortly. There may be photos, if I can get them downloaded and linked to. Be seeing you.

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