28 June 2005

Midwinter Celebrations

Among the things I achieved over the weekend (most of which were unspectacular and non-writing-related) was to finish "The Long Midwinter", my latest short story for a Big Finish anthology.

I'm reasonably pleased with it... less so than with some of the things I've done, but more than with some others. (Which stories each of those descriptions might apply to I leave as an exercise for the reader.) It's the closest thing to hard S.F. I've written -- I had to do research and everything. (Well, I read a couple of astronomical web pages. Well, skimmed them.) It's also, erm, 20% over the original agreed length -- that may change, though, as at present the story is still subject to editorial revision. (This is actually fairly restrained for me: "Minions of the Moon" is rather more than 100% overlength.)

Those who've been following my writing career closely may not be entirely astonished to discover that the story is set in the far future, and has posthumans in it.

It's not clear when the author lineup for the book in question is going to be announced, and I don't want to steal Big Finish's thunder by mentioning the title here. There'll be an update when the announcement happens.

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