27 June 2005

Big Finish: An Apology

It's been pointed out to me, apropos of my remarks here, here and here, and also here, that the staff at Big Finish are dedicated people who work hard contending with a variety of unpredictable factors of a kind which a small-press publisher has little or no control over. I'm entirely willing to acknowledge that this is true, and that my comments may have been uncharitable in the light of this.

I'd like to apologise to Ian Farrington, the editor of the New Worlds line, and to John Ainsworth the Big Finish webmaster, if they've been upset or offended by anything I've said.

My frustration at the delay to Wildthyme on Top, and the slowness of the website in acknowledging this, are entirely due to the fact that I expect the anthology in question to be phenomenally good (and I'm not excluding my own contribution there -- as I mention in Peculiar Lives, most authors are naturally vain. And there are two self-promoting links in one sentence, to prove it.) I'm excited at the thought of reading the collection sometime soon; and frustrated that I, and the rest of the world, won't get to read it yet. That the book is happening at all is obviously thanks in large part to the Big Finish team, so apologies again for emphasising the negative at the expense of the positive there.

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