13 June 2005

Reading List

Mostly for my own convenient reference, but also for your edification and delight, here is the list of books I'm hoping at present to get read at some point soon (apart from Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, obviously). I'm not going to run another poll, but feel free to comment and tell me which I should read first, if you like...

Brian Bates, The Real Middle Earth.
Mark Chadbourn, World's End.
Umberto Eco, Foucault's Pendulum.
William Gibson, Pattern Recognition.
Gwynneth Jones, Bold as Love.
Michael Moorcock, The Dancers at the End of Time (S.F. Masterworks edition).
China MiƩville, Perdido Street Station.
Vladimir Nabokov, Ada or Ardor.
Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveller's Wife.
Christopher Priest, The Space Machine.
Christopher Priest, A Dream of Wessex.
Jacqueline Rayner, Winner Takes All. (Not entirely sure I can be bothered with this one, actually.)

And, when they turn up:
Paul Magrs (ed.), Wildthyme on Top.
Lawrence Miles and Tat Wood, About Time 5.
Lawrence Miles, Dead Romance (Mad Norwegian Press edition).

(The list of stuff I want to buy and read at some point in the future is here. I mention this less for my reference and more on the offchance that somebody reading happens to be feeling both unexpectedly rich and unmotivatedly generous.)

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