17 June 2005


It's been a particularly busy and stressful week, and now some worthless bastards have stolen my scooter from right outside the house overnight. The first I knew of it was when I looked through the bedroom window yesterday morning to see what the weather was like, and discovered that I would at least not be riding to work in the rain.

I [used do] keep the damn thing chained to a metal post, for God's sake. How did they cut through the chain without waking anybody up? And why did they think it was even worth the bother, given that it's two and a half years old and was the cheapest model money could buy?

It's going to take the insurance company at least three weeks (read: months, probably) to get their arses in gear and pay for a replacement moped, and in the meantime I have to find some alternative means of travelling the five miles to work. Today I took a local train to Bristol Temple Meads and then a bus out of the city in the correct direction, all for £3.90. I had to get up at 6:30 to get here on time. Grr bloody hell.

At least I can get some reading done on the train, I suppose. But I am Not Very Happy about this.

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