25 June 2005

Peculiar Signs

I've just signed 120 sheets of paper, for binding into the Peculiar Lives hardback editions. It didn't take as long as I thought... but it wasn't any more interesting than I thought, either.

After some discussion, the publishers and I agreed that my usual signature (my initials) would be too short and unrecognisable, whereas my full name would take bloody ages to write out 120 times. We compromised on "Philip PH". So, if you've ordered a numbered limited edition deluxe hardback, that's what you're going to see written in it. If you're lucky, it may even be legible.

In related news, Telos note that they now have the full complement of paperback Peculiar Liveses, meaning that shops and other stockists should be receiving their copies relatively soon. If you regularly visit a specialist S.F. bookshop, you may well be seeing it there in the next few weeks.

(For some reason this doesn't apply to Forbidden Planet in Bristol, which doesn't stock any of the Time Hunter novellas, but does now have three copies of each of the Faction Paradox books including Of the City of the Saved... .)

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