02 June 2005


I have copies of Peculiar Lives. They're lovely and shiny, and look exactly like the cover on the website. Only slightly smaller, and with a book inside.

As I've said, the copies Telos has now are going to be used to fulfil subscriptions and advance orders, so unless you've placed either of those you'll have to wait a few more weeks, perhaps until the originally-cited July publication date. (That's when the bulk of my copies will be arriving, as well, so if I've promised you one of my complimentaries, it won't happen until then.) But everyone who has placed such an order should be getting their copies shortly.

As for everybody else... well, if you liked Of the City of the Saved..., then this is a product of the same imagination. If you didn't like OtCotS, then this is very different in its tone and ideas. So allow me, from my admittedly not entirely disinterested standpoint, to urge you to consider purchasing a copy from Amazon or Telos whichever.

Or not, of course. It's up to you.

[Edit to add: While I realise that small businesses are inherently unpredictable, and that small presses in particular have to fit in wherever they can on a printer's schedules, I do find it rather amusing that I have copies of Peculiar Lives (due to be published in July) before anybody I know has even seen a copy of Wildthyme on Top (supposedly published in May). I'm still looking forward hugely to getting my WoT complementaries -- not least because unlike PL it has other people's work in it that I'm keen to read.]

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